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Freshly Squeezed Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Straight from the farms in Kalamata, Greece

Adopt an Olive Oil Tree in Kalamata Greece, and receive the highest quality farm-direct extra virgin olive oil, unadulterated and unprocessed, straight from the grove right after the harvest!  

We are a group of olive farmers who want to share our olive oil with our extended family and friends. We produce the Koroneiki olive, a variety that's been grown in Greece for over 3,000 years. This varietal grows from fragrant flowers, giving the olive oil its distinct aroma and feel.

By adopting your olive oil tree you will receive premium extra virgin olive oil with a distinctive and superb taste that has been grown, pruned, harvested and pressed following only the best methods.

For better flavor we start the harvest before the olive fruits reach full-ripeness. After harvest, we immediately press the fruits in the lowest possible temperature to assure and maintain the highest quality. Finally, we pack the olive oil into tin containers. We press and extract olive oil per individual grove, without mixing with other groves. The olive oil has nothing added, nothing subtracted, no processing and no chemicals. You know exactly where your olive oil has been - from the grove to your dinner table.

But 250 ml bottles are available for sale and delivered immediately!